Losing hair

Everyone seems to be losing it a little all at the same time lately. I told my mom to take an inch off my hair today and she ended up chopping off around 6 inches. By the end of it, she was surprised at herself. Her reaction was, “When did I chop off that much?”…


  I’ve got nothing on my mind, Nothing to remember, Nothing to forget. And I’ve got nothing to regret. But I’m all tied up on the inside, No one knows quite what I’ve got, And I know that on the outside What I used to be I’m not anymore. You know I’ve heard about people…


If it is for me I don’t want it If it is for you I should not have to care about it

Workout: Day 1

Machine: Elliptical Duration: 5 mins Notes: Felt out of breath and complete dryness of throat after 2 mins Right knee felt extremely weak after 5 mins. Left knee was okay Over the ear headphones made my ears sweat   Push ups (barely): 10 Crunches: 30 Plank: 5 secs 😛   Edited: Feature image is definitely…

Sound of silence

    Surprized at how much I liked the grungy-ness and how many times I have heard this over the original since I accidentally came across it