Afreen Afreen – Ruined

Once upon a time, an idiot insisted this song was complimenting his body :’D Now I cannot stop laughing at this song

Year in review 2019

Earlier this year, my director removed himself from his position, taking a much less stressful role and paycut. I was really inspired by it. And my mom wondered how I end up around people that I [as a downer] can relate to. Anyways, the inspiration didn’t trigger me to escape anything. My manager became the…

Drinks good and bad

    Good Bad Meh Creemore Pabst Heineken Stella Guiness   Shot: Polar Bear – Too delicious Cocktail: Amaretto Sour

My new mechanical keyboard

I had some points to use up through one of my credit card rewards program and I didn’t really need to buy anything. But I have been wanting to try out something new to type with for a while. Just for the fun of it. I thought about getting a typewriter but it seemed pretty…