Knitting Projects – First Story

I picked up knitting one day when I got bored  while I was in high school. One summer day I just thought I need to do something fun. I only had some yarn in this old box of knitting stuff but no knitting needles.  So I ended up taking out the plastic ink container of two of my pens and melted the ends together to create a circular needle to knit a holder for my cell phone. I wouldn’t recommend doing it by the way! The pointy lead tip of the needle bruised my index fingers pretty badly. But I was of course very happy with my first project.

I have done many projects since then. My coworkers made fun of me because I kept knitting on my commute to work and apparently it would only attract grandmas and grandpas 😛 Which was partially true.

Here are some of my projects:

This is a scarf that I made for a friend of mine a while back. Never ended up giving it to her though! The pattern is called Continue reading “Knitting Projects – First Story”

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