Knitting Projects – First Story

I picked up knitting one day when I got bored  while I was in high school. One summer day I just thought I need to do something fun. I only had some yarn in this old box of knitting stuff but no knitting needles.  So I ended up taking out the plastic ink container of two of my pens and melted the ends together to create a circular needle to knit a holder for my cell phone. I wouldn’t recommend doing it by the way! The pointy lead tip of the needle bruised my index fingers pretty badly. But I was of course very happy with my first project.

I have done many projects since then. My coworkers made fun of me because I kept knitting on my commute to work and apparently it would only attract grandmas and grandpas 😛 Which was partially true.

Here are some of my projects:

This is a scarf that I made for a friend of mine a while back. Never ended up giving it to her though! The pattern is called Cable Stitching, you can learn it from the tutorial here. This wasn’t such a good idea because due to the varying tension of the yarn, not adding enough garter stitches (or any stitch that has an even structure on the face and the back of the pattern) to stop the curling. In this forum there is a discussion of preventing curling.
Last year, yet again, I felt like doing something new and whimsical so I started knitting a sweater, without really researching much about patterns to follow for the shapes. It turned out pretty well! Though  it seems like I have fallen into a pattern of doing my first project without instructions!


Sweater Front
Sweater Front


Sweater Back
Sweater Back


I think I might knit a proper sweater for my next project or a fancy afghan!


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