Getaway to Iceland

The boring details

This summer, a particular by WOW Air caught everyone’s attention. And I say everyone because every single one of my friend circles brought up a trip to Iceland thanks to, what I can only call a very successful ad campaign by WOW Air. The advertisement highlighted really cheap flights to Iceland.

After watching the deal and discussing it for quite a while, within two days notice a close friend [who is also a colleague], two of her friends and I decided to go for it and booked our flights. Although, by this point, the flight costs have almost doubled the promotional offer of ~$250 CAD that originally got everyone interested. Not to mention the $119.98 CAD extra we had to pay for our checked luggage. We wanted to travel light since we would be on the road throughout the trip,   we each shared one suitcase.

The following is a rough breakdown of all the expenses paid on top of the air fare. We shared this expense between 4 travelers. [This does on include any of the meal expenses]

Town Actual paid
Car rental fees 400.41EUR 618.93
Car gas 321.37
Blue Lagoon 160EUR 242
Úthlíd Cottages (2 nights) Bláskógabyggð 509.81
Hörgsland Guesthouse Kirkjubaejarklaustur 245.93
2 bedroom apartment Stöðvarfjörður 158
Sireksstadir cottage Vopnafjörður 279.57
2 bedroom apartment Akureyri 114
Farm cottage Kjósarhreppur 133
Total 1269.86 1352.75

I think this trip cost around 2k (CAD) including everything for me.

These are the spots that we tried to hit:


You can check out the map with more details here.

I will update this post incrementally.

Knitting Projects – First Story

I picked up knitting one day when I got bored  while I was in high school. One summer day I just thought I need to do something fun. I only had some yarn in this old box of knitting stuff but no knitting needles.  So I ended up taking out the plastic ink container of two of my pens and melted the ends together to create a circular needle to knit a holder for my cell phone. I wouldn’t recommend doing it by the way! The pointy lead tip of the needle bruised my index fingers pretty badly. But I was of course very happy with my first project.

I have done many projects since then. My coworkers made fun of me because I kept knitting on my commute to work and apparently it would only attract grandmas and grandpas 😛 Which was partially true.

Here are some of my projects:

This is a scarf that I made for a friend of mine a while back. Never ended up giving it to her though! The pattern is called Continue reading “Knitting Projects – First Story”

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