The Diva Cup – First use

So, I finally started using menstrual cups. I have researched these a few years ago, even bought one because it sounded like a good idea. But I was too apprehensive about the possible discomfort and the potential mess, so I returned it. Recently, I came across some feedback regarding menstrual cups in Sisterhood [currently a facebook based support group for Bangladeshi women] that got me rethinking about my use of tampons / pads. The convenience of chatting up with an actual cup user to ease my concerns was a big plus.

This is an instructional video that I found was rather helpful that I didn’t find way back when I first wanted to try the same cup:

One important piece of information that was missing from this video for me was regarding removal of the cup:

  • Once the seal is broken, wigging the cup all the out was painful for me near the end. I had to make sure my fingers were around the opening of the cup.
  • A better approach was to fold the opening of the cup inwards — just like the push-down fold described in the video. This did not cause any mess for me because I removed the cup when it was not even halfway full after around 8+ hours.

I first started using tampons in 2015 because my excitement about wanting to swim that one time. The experience was life changing. Do be aware of the risk of TSS though. And make sure you are using the correct absorbency rating for your need.

Diva cup experience was no more discomforting for me than when I started using tampons. And I am still unsure about how comfortable I would be travelling in it. I will give myself a few cycles to get used to the product before I dig into all that.

On the plus side, I do like the cup better than tampons because getting the tampon string wet was one of my major pet peeves that the cup eliminates. I can simply wash off the cup after toilet use without having to check and possibly throw out wet tampons before it is time.

Another good little surprise for me was how mess free removal of the cup was. Like many others, I had major concerns about getting blood everywhere. But if follow the instructions and are a bit careful, the process is pretty clean. I am also liking the idea of getting familiar with my menstrual flow. This product could be helpful in quantifying any change menstrual behaviour and reporting to the doctor if necessary.

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