Moving on

Its time to say goodbye to 2016. The year has been a major roller coaster ride. In 2016, I probably reached my highest and my lowest ever. Although, 2016 has probably one of the rare years when I haven’t been on a roller coaster; unless I count the time when I nearly drove off the road trying to look at something my sister pointed to. I must admit, doing justice to female driving stereotypes is not something I am proud of. But neither am I passionate for the cause enough to put effort into improving. I decided to assume I get honked at out on the road because I am hot instead.

The biggest accomplishment of last year was probably me finally managing to pay off my student loan. Boy, do I hate owning money! I feel like I couldn’t even die happily if I owed people [or in this case government].

There were some professional successes and opportunities to see the beauty of the world out there. I ended up buying a bunch of jewelleries again even though I planned on giving up on that habit. Yet, I still miss a pair of ear-rings that I did not get to see. I do love tiny jewelleries, even though I seldom wear them anymore. There is something very soothing in tiny precious objects.

I also managed to fall off the bike without a helmet, do a weird roll somehow and land on my right knee. The whole incident is a blur but I managed to only hurt my knee and remain unscratched everywhere else.

My sister bought a condo in 2016 and got promoted to a senior position, both of which is huge! Tremendous progress have been made by other loved ones as well. Its nice to see everyone working so hard and bringing their hopes and dream to life.

Meanwhile, I am continuing on my efforts to become a megavillain! May be 2017 will be year of success.

For now, I am moving on from 2016 with the hope to see those ear rings someday.


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