Losing hair

Everyone seems to be losing it a little all at the same time lately. I told my mom to take an inch off my hair today and she ended up chopping off around 6 inches. By the end of it, she was surprised at herself. Her reaction was, “When did I chop off that much?” 😕

I was smiling in my head remembering how big of a deal this would’ve been in my teenage years. I used to throw such tantrums. Now it feels like “just hair”. It couldn’t make less of a difference whether there was any or not.

Meanwhile, my grandma is going through major episodes senile depression / paranoia. Doesn’t seem like there isn’t anything anyone can do to help. She started calling at ungodly hours asking me if I am sleeping. She has always struggled with the time difference. Having children all around the globe isn’t really easy to keep track of without proper technology. She could use something like a Weasly clock to keep track of what everyone is up to.

I finally took a sick day off today breaking my new year’s resolution. I decided I will keep on working in sickness and in health. But at this point even that feels rather pointless.


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