My First Android Application: Math Attack

Math Attack on Google Play store

I have recently published my first android application. It is a simple game of picking whether a given mathematical equation is accurate or not. 

I have been missing the fun of working on little projects ever since I left school and started working. Also, partially because my project partner in crime happen to leave the country around the same time. We used to spend a crazy amount of time just talking about ideas and visions of what possibilities are out there. 

I hit a road block while trying to decide what small project I could release to get into the flow of building applications. I was very unsure what to start with. Then I vaguely remembered this application that came out while I was in first year university that everyone was addicted to. I played it on my iPhone (yes, unfortunately :P) at that time.

The concept of the game was very simple, you pick if 10 mathematical expressions are right or wrong and you try to do it as fast as you can. A little contest of me vs me. It was nice, simple and fun. 

After doing a brief search in the Google Play Store, I decided to build a spinoff of this game myself. This is what I have so far: 

As I was working on this application, I mentioned to my friend that I am developing a game and he wanted to try it out. So I gave my phone to him to play. At this phase of development, I had a very simple implementation of the statements flying out and just sits on the screen waiting for a response. The initial speed of the game was very high as well. He answered around 100 statements really fast thinking they would time out if they hit the top. And then he asked me when does the game end? I said, never! 

I gave it to another friend of of mine with slightly larger hands and he kept getting answers wrong because of his ‘fat fingers’. It was quite fun to watch! 

Of course, I took their feedback and tried to integrate it into the UI and the functionality of the game.

Here is the tutorial that I followed that steps through steps of game development:

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