My new mechanical keyboard

I had some points to use up through one of my credit card rewards program and I didn’t really need to buy anything. But I have been wanting to try out something new to type with for a while. Just for the fun of it. I thought about getting a typewriter but it seemed pretty cumbersome. Then I thought of buying a keyboard that is structured like one. But my  choices were limited to Bestbuy or Apple because those were the only electronics vendor that were included in the rewards program. So, I started looking into mechanical keyboards.

Being a first time mechanical keyboard user, I must say, none of the technical reviews were of much help. I understood none of the terminology, the complaints or the praises. I was trying to understand the difference between the Cherry Mx vs Roamer G switches and looked into some user feedback from end users and decided to go with Logitech G 910 Orion Spectrum RGB keyboard. It arrived last week, and I don’t hate it. But one thing  I did notice was that, it does attract a lot of dust. And from day one there was visible finger marks on the keys and the palm rest.

The keyboard is not too loud. The keystrokes sounds kind of muffled. And the backlight, though pretty cool, is a bit distracting because they keep blinking and do a weird colour sweep motion across the keyboard. I actually didn’t do enough research on this, may be I can customize it / change it up somehow. The keyboard has a little phone holder space, which I thought was really cute though.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-09 at 10.47.20 PM


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